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Dark Elves

Dark-elves are elves that have turned away from the light of nature. They were unsatisfied with the humble power granted to them by Frey so they left the forests and retreated to underground caverns to engage in powerful rituals of dark gods and necromancy, while keeping their ability to be fighters or thieves. Most are dual or triple classed in these guilds. Their divine magic is weak however, having broken their ties to nature. They tend to still share their forest dwelling cousins reduced stature, and are slightly less dextrous then they could be. After several hundred years they have built an extensive labyrinth of underground caverns and cities constantly seeking to bring other races under their power. Most goblin-kind will follow them willingly and half-orcs can't seem to keep away from them. Their thirst for power and dominion is so great that they twisted and corrupted nature to create the monstrosity of Troll's to further their cause.

Dark elves make good priests and multi class well as a priest / warrior or a priest / thief.

 magic -1
 divine +2
 strength 0
 dexterity +1
 constitution 0
 charisma -2
 brain 0
 hit points 0

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