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Paladin profession

Primary stats: STR, HP

Paladins are holy warriors that have sworn fealty to a Good church and are granted in return by the gods basic divine powers that include some small healing and the ability to detect evil so that they may eliminate it from the world. Paladins are church knights, the soldiers of church. They do not back down or flee from a righteous battle. They protect the underdog and the weak, or so their tenets claim. Paladins must be of good alignment and obey the laws of the Church and land in order to remain a good member in standing of their order. They are also the keepers of History (or at least one version of it). Prime attributes are Strength and Hitpoints with Constitution and Dexterity being secondary.


 Str	+2
 HP	+1
 Con	 0
 Bra	 0
 Div	 0
 Dex	-1
 Cha	-2
 Mag	-7

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