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When you first start a new character, you can choose one of four archetypical professions: The fighter, the thief, the conjurer and the healer. Your profession determines how expensive it is to learn a new skill. For example, the fighter profession generally has a low cost for weapons and strength. The conjurer profession generally has a low cost for learning magic, but a high cost for learning weapons. Using the 'guilds' command you can see your guilds and current profession.

Regardless of your profession you can generally join as many guilds as you want, but your cost of training remains the same no matter which guild you go to. A guild is a club of people. A profession is your raw natural talent and what you choose to focus on.

Upon reaching a certain level (25 at time of writing), you get the opportunity to specialize your profession:

 * Fighter can become a Barbarian
 * Thief can become an Assassin
 * Healer can become a Druid
 * Conjurer can become a Sorcerer

These for specializations are of course closely related to your initial profession (hence, a specialization). You don't have to specialize. And you definitely shouldn't change your profession until you're very ready. When switching profession, all the skills in your previous profession become slightly harder (-1) to learn and will cost more skill points and have a slightly lower maximum potential.

To specialize your character you must seek out the guild master in the guild you can specialize in and look at the sign. A fighter would for example have to find the Barbarian's Guild, go to the guild master Hilka the Bold, look at the sign, and follow the instructions.

At a later stage (level 50) in the game you'll have the opportunity to one last profession change. This will allow you to make a complete career change as follows:

fighter / barbarian:

  thief, cleric, mage, knight, paladin, ranger.

thief / assassin:

  fighter, cleric, mage, ranger

cleric / druid:

  fighter, thief, mage, paladin, necromancer

mage / sorcerer:

  fighter, thief, cleric

Thus, you could end up with a true dual class character that is for example a fighter / barbarian / mage. When you do the last profession change, the skills that were available in your previous class become harder to learn (-2 for your previous profession, and -3 for your first profession).

Note, that necromancy is only possible if your starting class is a cleric.

Also, you can only achieve a specialization in your own class. A fighter can specialize as a barbarian. But a thief cannot later become a Barbarian.

To change profession you should seek out Father Tuck in the Temple of Udgaard. He will know when you're ready to make a profession change.

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