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integer meleeattack ( ch : unitptr, vict : unitptr,
                     bonus : integer, wtype : integer, primary : integer)
   ch      : The character which should make an additional attack.
   vict    : The victim of the attack.
   bonus   : Any penalty or bonus added to the attack.
   wtype   : The weapon type of the attack, if a valid type then that is
             used for the attack purpose, otherwise the default weapon/hand
             attack is used.
   primary : Used to determine if we should use the primary weapon (wielded)
             of offhand (held/hand attack).
   result: 'ch' performs a melee attack (using whatever weapon is wielded
           or his bare hands) against 'vict'. Returns the amount of damage
           given (-1 is failed).
   If wtype is within a valid weapon range (WPN_XXX) any weapon will
   be bypassed, and the value will be used as the attacktype. Good
   for things like "meleeattack(ch, vict, bonus, WPN_CIRCLE_KICK, TRUE)"
   if you want person to be able to perform an extra attack even
   though wielding a weapon or something. Note that this will require
   BOTH a weapon type WPN_CIRCLE_KICK and a skill "kick" in order for
   it to work.