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Ban (240)


 ban <t|n> <site_name> [period]
 ban d <sitename>

With this wiz-command you can exclude a given site or group of sites from accessing the mud. The site_name may contain the wild cards * and ?, allowing sites like b?zier.daimi.*.dk to be banned. The letters t or n indicates whether the ban is a total one (no chars from the site can connect (VERY harsh punishment!)) or a ban for the creation of any new characters from the site. An optional period can be given to allow for temporary bans, and it must consist of a string of the form "2d 3h 4m" indicating 2days 3hours and 4mins ban. Any of these are optional of course. A temporary ban will lift itself when the time is up. Using the d option means you delete a site, if it's present in the list. No options/arguments to the command gives a list of the banned sites.