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 wstat <unit> [group]
 wstat room [group]
 wstat zone [zone name] [mobiles|objects|rooms|reset|error|info]
 wstat world [zones]
 wstat <unit1> combat <unit2>
 wstat <unit1> splcombat <unit2> [<spell name>]

Where [group] is:

 <no argumnet> : The basis unit data
 data : The specific data for the type of unit
 contents : list of unit contents
 affect : list of affect-structures for unit
 descriptor : descriptor data for player
 func : special function for unit
 spell : spells leaned by char
 skill : skills learned by char
 weapon : weapons mastered by char
 extra : extra descriptions
 quest : Quest information (PC's only)


 >wstat world
 >wstat world zones
 >wstat zone
 >wstat zone rooms
 >wstat fido
 >wstat fido dat 
 >wstat fido func
 >wstat room aff
 >wstat fido combat janitor
 >wstat fido splcombat janitor fireball

Wstat displays everything about a unit. However all this info will confuse anyone (several screens of info per unit), so we had to split it up. The optional [group] determines which info you want.

See also:

 >wizhelp set
 >wizhelp setskill