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Communication channels are, other then shout and newbie, controlled by the player(s). You can either make your own channel or wait to be invited to join a channel that someone else has started. The following commands are available.

To add a channel:

 > comm add (channel name)

To delete a channel type:

 > comm delete (channel name)

To see all your active channels type:

 > comm #

To see who is on a specific channel type:

 > (channel name) #

For example to see who's on the newbie channel, type:

 > newbie #

To see who joins or departs a channel type:

 > comm inform (on|off|depart|join)

To toggle echoing of your message type:

 > comm echo

Shout / Newbies public Communications

We insist that the Public channels newbie and shout remain friendly. If you feel you have to be profane make sure you use some other channel than shout or newbie.

We also insist that there be no advertizing for other muds, games, or your own private favorite web page in the public channels or on the boards. If people want to advertize on Valhalla then they can pay for the right to do so with out your help.

Offenders of these rules will lose the ability to use their communication channels for a time determined by the crime and the person or program that catches them.

If you feel you need to have full freedom to speak then use say or a channel created by yourself or others.

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