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Gnomes are the cousins of dwarves and also tend to be misconcieved as underground dwelling peoples. They have an affinity for gems, though they are far from disgusted by gold and the like. Gnomes are great artesian of jewelry, in fact King Welmars crown was made by gnomish jewelers. Gnomish mages and sorcerers are known to reach near fanaticism with studying and developing their spells, and thus make excellent mages their healing magic suffer slightly, however gnomes share their cousins hardy constitution and will come to the aid of their dwarven friends at a moments notice. Gnomes show hatred for kobolds and other goblin kin which regularly raid their mines.

Gnomes make very powerful mages and dual class well as a mage / theif.

 magic +3
 divine -3 
 strength -1 
 dexterity 0 
 constitution 0
 charisma +1
 brain +2
 hit points -2

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