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This help topic describes both the 'guilds' command as well as the guild concept.


 > guilds

Use the guilds command to see which guilds you are a member of, and your level in each guild. Note, that when you level up you also level up in your primary guild. To change your primary guild, go to a guild master and request a new title - then your primary guild also changes.


The following guilds are available in Valhalla:

     Dark Knight

When you start the game you're automatically enrolled in the guild you selected during character creation. All guilds have a guild master and a number of guild teachers. This is your first main guild.

Each time you level up in the game, your guild level also increases.

The guild master is where you can 'join' a guild or get yourself a new guild 'title'.

Requirements for joining a new guild varies. The guild master will tell you what they are. Typically you need to solve a quest for the guild master.

Once you join a new guild it becomes your new primary guild. To switch primary guilds, request a title from the guild in question.

Guilds also contain guild teachers. There are typically four teachers, an ability, a skill, a spell and a weapon teacher. Each time you earn enough experience points to raise a level you should go to your guild and train in these abilities, skills, and spells, thus increasing your ability to battle tougher and tougher monsters.

Even though you can join as many guilds as you want, your starting profession determines how much it costs your to practice a skill.

See Professions for more information.

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