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Halflings are a small, quick, and notoriously witty people, few races can stay mad at a halfling for long (unless one of their thieves has robbed you blind (wink). Most live contentedly by farming and spending time with family and friends some however grow bored and seek adventure away from their shire, becoming the renowned thieves their race is noted for. Halfling food and wines are legendary. The halflings having spent centuries perfecting their formulas. Most halflings are very motivated by profit, becoming the bunt of many jokes (would sell his grandmother for a profit, etc) halfling magic tends to be limited to utilitarian spells and spells used amuse and entertain, although those who choose the path of healing are revered and viewed as figures of great authority. Halflings mortal enemies are the trolls. A Halfling is almost always willing to help you lighten your wallet, usually in some way that does not involve physical labor on their part.

Halflings make excellent thieves due to thier high DEX bonus. They'll dual class well as a thief / mage.

 magic 0
 divine -1 
 strength 0 
 dexterity +3 
 constitution 0
 charisma 0
 brain -1
 hit points -1

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