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Half-orcs are the offspring of humans and orcs and their descendants. Most have chosen to follow their human customs and culture, though a few who are ridiculed and shunned return to their orcan people where many times they are revered and valued for their human traits (intelligence). Many half-orcs have very little of one or the others blood in them, some are so far removed that externally they are nearly indistinguishable from regular humans. Half-orcs gain strength and constitution from their orcish side, and their intelligence is higher due to their human blood. Magic prowess is very limited for half-orcs, probably because they do not make friends easily. Half-orcs are very distrustful of dwarves, gnomes, elves, brownies, and halflings for some reason are drawn to dark elves and will seek service with them whenever possible.

Half orcs make good clerics and dual class well as a cleric / fighter.

 magic  -1
 divine +1 
 strength 0 
 dexterity -2 
 constitution +2
 charisma 0
 brain 0
 hit points 0

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