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 > practice (skill|weapon|ability)


 practice strength
 practice hand axe
 practice flee

This command enables you to raise your abilities, and practice your skills, spells and weapons. The command can only be used at a teacher. Different teachers teach different abilities and skills, spells or weapons and the cost is different in each guild. Your race also modifies this cost.

When you look at your 'status' you will notice you have got a certain amount of skill and ability practice points. The skill-points are used for practicing spells, weapons and skills. The ability-points are used for practicing abilities (str, dex,con, etc).

Each time you raise a level you get more skill and ability points, and thus you can get better abilities and better spell, weapon and skill knowledge.

Training costs depend on the sum of your race and profession modifiers as follows:

  -3   19
  -2   16
  -1   13
   0   10
  +1    9
  +2    8
  +3    7
  +4    6
  +5    5

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