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If you have committed a certain number of crimes and are turned in you will become 'wanted and the guards may attempt to arrest you. Once they handcuff you it is possible to attempt an escape by typing 'break' to attempt breaking the handcuffs.

If you have committed several crimes after having been declared 'wanted' you will be 'wanted dead or alive'. This means that you are no longer protected by the law system. At this point there will be a reward on your head, offering both money and experience for your death. All guards attack on sight. Players are allowed to kill you.

Once in jail you have to wait for some pretty strong friends to free you or for a long time to pass. If you escape from jail you'll be wanted dead or alive

Your misdeeds are forgotten if you get killed or when you have served your jail sentence. But beware *any* crime reported after being cleared will make you a criminal instantly.

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