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Function:  flog (filename : string,  s : string, wa : string );
         The Filename of the file to appear in the log directory.
         The string to be logged.
         Write or Append
The 'flog' function allows you to split up your logs in the log directory
so that you don't end up with everything in the main vme.log.
Note:The append/write argument must be in lower case and can only be a
'w' or a 'a' surrounded by '"'.  If the argument is a 'w' it will over write
any log file by that name.  If the argument is 'a' it will append to the
file by that name.

dilbegin zonelog (s:string);
flog (self.zonidx+".log",s,"a");

The previous DIL function will work in any zone to log to a file with that
zones name each zone could use it to keep zone logs separate.