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Suggested object exercises

1. Using information you learned in (Link to objcraft), (Link to objmag), (Link to objmacroshield), and (Link to objarmour) create a large shield.

2. Using information you learned in (Link to objnon-armour) and (Link to objmacrotransfers) create a ring that gives a person 5% strength bonus and removes 5% magic ability.

3. Using information you learned from (Link to objmacroliqcont) and (Link to objdrink) create a beer or soda from your local area.

4. Using information you learned in (Link to objmacrolight); make an object that gives off a bright light and will never run out.

5. Using the macros found in (Link to objmacroliqcont), (Link to objmacrofood), (Link to objmacromoney), and (Link to objmacrocontainer) along with information found in (Link to objfood) and (Link to objdrink); create a chest that can be locked that contains food, drink, a pile of silver pieces, and a pile of iron pieces.

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