Understanding the File System

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I've got all these files and directories...what is all this stuff?

Starting at the top:

LICENSE - You're going to have to keep this file with any version of the software package that you make. Read it to better understand it. It's what authorizes you to run and even copy or change the software, but it also sets conditions on the rights that it gives you.

README.md - Of course, you already did, right?

vme - the directory with the magic in it!

vme subdirectories

bin - The binary files used to run and maintain the MUD

build - When you compile the code, the objects will be built into this directory - not meant to be edited.

doc - Well, what can we say, we tried, but we're programmers, not tech-writers.

etc - Configuration data to drive how the MUD works, what it outputs, what makes it unique, etc.

include - Include files - containing constants that drive how the MUD works - editing anything in here will mean a recompile. Not only that, but it will probably mean some painful errors or problems caused by your change because of something you didn't think of before you changed it.

lib - The library - bulletin board data, references to current player number, criminal activity, deaths, player bans.

log - Probably a good place to point your logs to (?)

scripts - Conversion utilities and other madness to make things easier.

src - The source code for the MUD engine and the multiplexer code that provides the connectivity to it. You're probably going to want to play with this at some point if you're reading this...but you can do soooo much now with what's in 'zone' that you may not need to.

todo - A peek into the mind of a wizard considering that which weighs on his shoulders.

www - The files that make up the web front end and the HTML5 client.

zone - The Zone files that define the world and how it behaves